Friday, May 15, 2009

Rockhoppers coming and new catalogue!

Hey penguins! We may post a movie for this later! Check back!

Catalogue: At you home there is a new catalogue! Here are the Cheats For it!

Penguin Knight Sculpture-Click on the Medieval Banner (900coins
Wheelbarrow-Click on the bottom part of the poodle plant (480coins)
Picket Fence-Click on the right corn plant (100coins)
Disco Ball-Click on the electric guitar shadow box (700coins)

Rockhopper- Through the telescope in the beacon, you can see Rockhopper! He is coming, but it looks like he is GOING... green that is! His ship seems to be filled to the top in plants! Look at our zoomed in photo!

Maybe it's an "april showers brings may flowers" themed party coming! I hope it isn't too girly for you guys!

Waddle On! -The Penguin Queen


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