Saturday, May 16, 2009

Medieval Party Mini Musts and Ninjas!

Hey Penguins!

Mini Must-D0s: Hey Penguins! As you know, the medieval party lasts only until tomorow! Make sure you have...

*The lighthouse beacon has become a big bonfire!
*The mirror at the ski hill tries to answer your questions! Just ask your question and move your mouse over it!
*The second floor of the princess castle has a fountain with Koi in it... just remember to feed the fish!
*If you go to the Gift Shop market, you'll see a special Medieval Party catalog (including the player card background chosen by you).
*Medieval snowball fights in the Snow Forts! You don't see contraptions like that every day.
*The treetop fort in the Forest. Looks like some puffles have made their home in it.
*The huge, red dragon in the Mine. It's controlled by the Switchbox 3000.
*The Smithy where the Boiler Room was (if you can't find it, just ask a passing blacksmith).
*The Book Room has been turned into an old library, with scrolls everywhere!
*There's a bouncing wizard's hat in the lighthouse. If you haven't gotten your wizard's hat yet, I'm pretty sure it will give you one if you ask nicely.
**Also don't forget to feed the fish in the Castle!

Ninja Penguin: Make sure you are up to date with your card jitzu skills! It seems like ninja madness is on the rise! They looked for a medieval ninja, and Puffypower23 did great! She got 5000 coins for it, too! How do you like hers?

MORE Ninja Madness: A ninja home decorating contest seems to be on the horizon! Starting June 1st, some sort of (ninja) home decorating contest will start! Get ready now with the new Catalogue!

Until Later, Waddle On! The Penguin Queen


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