Friday, July 31, 2009

New Pin, Igloo Music

Hey Penguins!
Pin: The new pin is here! To find it go to the Coffee Shop, and feel free to get a coffee, juice, or whatever floats your boat. Thats because the new pin is the toy boat pin! Its so cute!
Igloo Music: There are 4 cool new tunes to rock out to in your igloo! The 4 members -only songs are:
-Keytar Jam
-All Access Pass
-Rocking Pizza
My favorite is the Keytar Jam! What is yours?

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hey Penguins!

The NEWspaper has arrived! This one has some interesting details in it! It mentions:

-there is a clear winner, and that they are changing the day it will come out to the 7th in the Penguin Style, instead of being announced in this paper!

-PARTY ALERT: There might be a new party on the Horizon! Gary says that the glass windows in the underground need the yearly maintence so they dont crack again. He will need your help from the 14th to the 18th and hinted at a PARTY!!

-This is the last week to write. They made it be the first page featured story, so it must be that they didn't get many writers! Remember you can win 10101 coins, and that it can be on one of the 4 pre-chosen topics. I wrote one for the Wacky Wildlife in the Wilderness. I entered it in English and then using a translator entered it in the other 3 languages (extra chance of winning!).

Also, on the 5th we will be able to choose a new furniture item! (check the 101 days of fun)


Hey Penguins! It seems that Club Penguin forgot to put the NEW in this weeks newspaper, or even change it at all! The newspaper is the same as last week! Well, they are probabally just fixing some error or bug, so not to worry. Or maybe thye are adding some really cool bonus feature! Well, who knows, but it will probabally be up later!

Remember: No news is good news!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hey Penguins!

Happy77 interviewed Screen Hog about the Music Jam and Music! They showed us an especially "foolish" piece of music, can you guess what it is or even play it?? Here's is Happy77 Q's and Screen Hogs A's:

Q: We checked out the sheet music - Where can penguins find that song in Club Penguin?
A: You can hear it on the homepage when you click the Tour Guide and start the movie.
Q: The team is doing some work at the Lighthouse stage so that (just like during the Music Jam) we'll be able to hear certain instruments when we play there. What do you think?
A: I'm glad. However, I personally like seeing the songs that penguins play and sing all over Club Penguin even more.

Q: Do you play any instruments? Got any quick tips to share with other musically inclined penguins?
A: Yep, I can play a few - the alto saxophone, a few percussion instruments, but my all-time favorite is the piano. To any of you who play real instruments, keep it up! Find a song and see if you can learn how to play it, or even try and compose your own music. All of Club Penguin's music is made by someone, and maybe someday that someone could be you!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Servers!

Hey Penguins!

Do you ever feel that EVERY server on Club Penguin is filled? That one you want to enter? Well, they are introducing 5 new servers! Sasquatch is the only all chat one, while Dry Ice, Glacial, Patagonia, and Snow Covere(d?) are safe chat! When I am usually on, Club Penguin seems like there are always atleast a server with 2 or 3 bubbles, but maybe we needed more safe chat. The Snow Covere(d) server looks like it doesnt fit! You can see a sliver of the d (or what ever letter it is).

P.S. We got a reply email from Club Penguin, yesterday was just a glitch, the partys over ):

Monday, July 27, 2009

Music, Special Edition DS

Hey Penguins!
Music: Even though the Music Jam is technically done, the party is not over! The decorations are still up, and some of the party music will be available in your igloos on Friday!The team is working so that in about a week, anytime you play at the Lighthouse stage with certain instruments, you'll be able to hear them! It looks like it will be the music items like the jukebox, gramaphone, or DJ turntable that will play the music! Do you think that will be cool?Special Edition DS: Remember the Nintendo Ds game that came out earlier this year? Now you can preorder a "Collectors Edition" of it or you can buy it in stores September 22!

It will have:
-Elite Penguin Force for Nintendo DS
-Elite Penguin Force Stylus, an Elite Penguin Force DS skin
-a 2,500 Coin Card
If you don't know about the Penguin Force, check it out in our cheats section! Basically, Kids can go on missions as secret agents of the Elite Penguin Force, using some new and old gadgets, accessories, disguises, vehicles and locations to investigate mysterious events in Club Penguin. The coolest part I think is that you can earn coins while playing on the Nintendo DS and upload them to your web account!

Extended Music Jam??

Hey Penguins!

Alot of penguins complained they didn't see Candace. The party was so large and it would take forever to do it all. And it is just an awesome party. So is it a glitch when we penguins got on the morning after it should have ended to see its still here, or are they extending the Music Jam?? I cleared my cache and asked other penguins to make sure they saw it too, and they did!

WOOOHOOO More Music Jam!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hey Penguins!

Here are the First Half (8 weeks) of the 101 days of fun! Can you believe it's halfway over?! Watch the video to see each of the days celebrated so far!

101 days of fun week 8!

Hey Penguins! Halfway done the 101 days of fun!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Vote for your color!

Hey Penguins!
It's Time!! For what you ask? To VOTE for this years new color! Head to the Forest and choose yours! Are you going to pick Lavender, Maroon, or Aqua? I choose Maroon, Aqua looks an awful lot like the light blue, and Lavender is too girl-y even for me (I am one!) and is like pink. Maroon is the most unique and different from the others! The results will be in the Aug 6 newspaper!

Happy Voting!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Main Stage Change!

Hey Penguins! The Main Stage at the Dock has now changed two times!

Don't forget to make sure you vote for your color in the forest starting Friday! (more details later!)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

101 days of Fun week 7

Hey Penguins! Wow can you believe we are already up to the 7th week?! This coming thursday is the 49th day of fun!! Wow almost half way!

Have you actually been doing the 101 days of fun?

New Igloo Upgrades Catalogue

Hey Penguins!
There is a new Igloo Upgrades Catalogue! Here is the video:

-There is a new igloo: The Theatre Igloo is 4600 coins, and it is simply a stage with a seating area! I think that this igloo is a good investment - you can always have a different performance, and so it would fit any party or season!

The cheat igloos are:
-On page 2, click the floor removal crowbar (top right) to get the Secret Stone Igloo (2000 coins)!
-On page 7, click every word Candy on the page to get the Gingerbread House (2100 coins)!

Enjoy the party!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Music Jam!

Hey Penguins! ARE YOU READY TO ROCKK? The Music Jam is here! Check out all the cool stuff!

Free Stuff: There is a NEW free item you can get! At the cove, make sure you pick up a pair of rocking green earphones! Also, if you are a member and you have a backstage pass visit the roof of the night club to get the (old) boombox!

Backstage Pass and Backstages: If you are a member, make sure you buy a Backstage All Access pass at the Snowforts! You are not able to use last years VIP one (wear it if you have it and act famous though!) and if you can DEFINITLY get one! You can enter the backstage lounges for Candace (3rd floor Night Club) and the Penguin Band (Dock) and have a chance to meet them and get a background!

Shopping: At the Snow Forts, there is a Shirts Rock stand, where you can buy any of 6 different tee shirts for 250 coins each, and a backstage pass here too! At the Penguin Band backstage area at the Dock, you can buy an assortment of things! Sunburst, Blue Bass, Double Necked, and Black Electric Guitars are all the rage, along with cowbells, drums (and sticks!), trombone, and Tubas!
***Catalogue Cheats: The Penguin Band Catalogue has two cheats. Click the I in musIc to buy Drums and Sticks, and click the O in Catalog for the Black Electric Guitar!

Cool Rooms: Check out the cool stage in the lighthouse! It is going to change throughout the week, so make sure you check back! If you are a member with a pass, check out both of the Backstage areas! Also, there is a new room off of the Snow Forts. It has the Music Maker 3000!
Enjoy The Party!!

New Pin, Furniture Catalogue!

Hey Penguins!

Catalogue: There are a whole bunch of cheats in this catalogue! Watch the movie above for the cheats, or you can just read below!

-Page 1, click the DJ turntable to get the wall speakers! (800 coins)
-Page 1, click the Gramophone Disk to get the Stage! (800 coins)
-Page 2, click the column ruins to get the guitar stand! (300 coins)
-Page 3, click the Bamboo Torch to get the LCD TV! (2500 coins)
-Page 4, click the Banner to get the Penguin Knight Ice Sculpture! (900 coins)
-Page 5, click the garden to get the Picket Fence! (100 coins)

Pin: There is a new Pin out, perfect for the hot summer days! It is the umbrella (remember voting for it?) and it is in the BOILER ROOM!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hey Penguins!

Color Choice: If your penguin could be a new color what would it be? Lavender? Maroon? Aqua? Well, if you chose one of those, you wish may come true! Click HERE and write a 50 to 75 word resonse on which of the three you want! I really like the maroon, the aqua is sort of a ... well... unusual color, and lavender would be too girly for most of the guys. The winner is announced on the 7th!

Backstages: There will be two backstages this year, with the special Music Catalogue! Get an instrument and hang out with stars, like Candace and the penguin band! One will be at the dock (penguin band) and another will be on the Night Club Roof (Candace). The Penguin Band will be playing at the iceberg! Make sure you look for these special rooms if you are a member!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Music Jam, Penguin Tales Contest!

Hey Penguins! Are you ready to Rock?!

Music Jam: Get your band together and start practicing! The music Jam starts FRIDAY! There will be live music (see photo) and you will get to meet the penguin band! What are you doing to get ready for it?

Penguin Tales: On your mark, get set, WRITE! From July 23 - August 5 you can enter the creative writing contest! Why don't you use the 101 days of fun as ideas foe your penguins! Also, penguins of all languages will be able to enter this year! If I have alot of time, I might write one. Good luck to anyone writing!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hey Penguins! Know where this photo is from?

Penguins Around The World: Club Penguin is starting a "Penguins Around The World" photo thing. Penguins Around the World is a gallery of photos from fans. It's a place to show everyone around the globe the cool places you take your penguins and puffles. Get your camera and creativity, and you might get picked! I think its cool, but they should tell you where it is taken!

Shirt Poll: Did you vote for a tee shirt? Well, the Splatter Tee won, by a whopping 64%! This shirt hits stores in August!

Hey Penguins! Summer Fun is heating up! Check out these fun activities to keep you cool!

Ruby and the Ruby: My favorite play is here! I like it so much I made a video of the cheats and secrets!! I guess I like it because it has so much to do, and I like the mystery theme. (Anyway) There is a secret Ruby pin that you can find. To get it, click the following items in this order: -file cabinet in the office -lamp on the desk in the front -garbage can in the alley -book on desk (next to lamp) -flower vase on the table in the living room - painting on the wall -lock on the safe -Click the Ruby!! Also, there are some cheats in the clothing catalogue! They are: -On the third page, click the door handle to get the Dark Detectives Coat ($650) -On the Back Cover, move the "How Do I Get Coins" Box to get the Noir Background ($60)

Music Jam: They are beginning to set up the music jam! Check out in front of the Light House, and while you're there, play a game of jet pack adventure - earn some money! If you are a member, remember you can get a backstage pass to meet VIPs and buy cool instruments!

Reviewed By You: They have a new reviewed by you! This weeks question is
'How are you and your friends getting ready for Music Jam Party?'
For last weeks question the chosen penguin Limelight12's response to 'What is your favorite thing to do at the Stage?' was:"My favorite thing to do at the Stage is to become part of the cast. I love to look at the scrpit and see which character I want to be, and pick out their costume. It's very fun to act onstage! I can be anything; a fairy, a princess, a detective... it's all there! It's also fun to make new friends in the play with me! Thanks for the update! Waddle on!"

Thursday, July 9, 2009

101 days of fun week 6

Hey Penguins! Wow! We are already on the 6th week of 101 days of fun!
Here is the movie for this week's activities!

You Decide!

Hey Penguins!
Club Penguin has a new You Decide! Now, you can choose which shirt you will se in the Aug. Penguin style catalogue! The choices are......
Which do you like the most? I really like the Tux-T, but as you can see when I took the screenshot (Thurs. Morning) it was still in second! The Splatter is cool looking too, but I don't know how it would look on your penguin in the game. Club Penguin says that they will announce the winner on Friday! So get voting!

Click here for a link to vote!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New CP Toys - R - Us toys!

Hey Penguins!
Toys-R-Us has released more new toys! Check them out!

Limited Edition ($9.99 USD)

Court Jester
RockhopperAunt Arctic
Bumble BeeCheerleader

Silly Face Puffles ($5.99 USD)


Hmmm..... There was no white, you would think they would make one!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Todays 101 day of fun!

Hey Penguins!

Have you see ntodays 101 day of fun? I added CP's banner (see left column), but anyway it says to do mission 1 and look for the secret penguin at the ice rink. I found it and I had to share it with you!! It is my favorite day so far!