Monday, July 27, 2009

Music, Special Edition DS

Hey Penguins!
Music: Even though the Music Jam is technically done, the party is not over! The decorations are still up, and some of the party music will be available in your igloos on Friday!The team is working so that in about a week, anytime you play at the Lighthouse stage with certain instruments, you'll be able to hear them! It looks like it will be the music items like the jukebox, gramaphone, or DJ turntable that will play the music! Do you think that will be cool?Special Edition DS: Remember the Nintendo Ds game that came out earlier this year? Now you can preorder a "Collectors Edition" of it or you can buy it in stores September 22!

It will have:
-Elite Penguin Force for Nintendo DS
-Elite Penguin Force Stylus, an Elite Penguin Force DS skin
-a 2,500 Coin Card
If you don't know about the Penguin Force, check it out in our cheats section! Basically, Kids can go on missions as secret agents of the Elite Penguin Force, using some new and old gadgets, accessories, disguises, vehicles and locations to investigate mysterious events in Club Penguin. The coolest part I think is that you can earn coins while playing on the Nintendo DS and upload them to your web account!


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