Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hey Penguins!
How to fin new pin!

1.Go to ski village!
2.Go in side of the lodge!
3.Go up the stairs to the lodge attic!
4.You found the new pin!

Hey Penguins!

New play at the stage!
New look at the stage!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

hey penguin!

Just saying to keep checking this blog every day i will have some more cheats soon so stay toned have any ideas just comment or email me at dont have an email
click here to join gmail also i will be haveing a contest you can win a free penguin that has some cool things or you can win a ticket to be on one of my videos click here to see my youtube channel!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hey Penguins!
More awesome pictures!

If you want to go to the box demention you can go through my igloo im on server mammoth all the time just look for my igloo on the map!
Sensie's cookie may be good luck!
And his cookie fills my head with ideas?
Just rember to look at the big mountain behind the dojo and see what way the smoke is blowing!
Oct.2 New costumes Oct.9-21 New pin Oct.9-Nov.12 Squidzoid play Oct.9 New postcards Oct.16 New igloo furniture


Hey Penguins!
Here is new cool stuff in the news paper

looks like some cool outfits are coming this friday!
stock up all your coins and be ready to spend!


Hey Penguins!
its boots377 and id like to tell you that i am going to still be having the groups sorry i didn't do this last week but still here are all the groups!

#1 science group
#2 coffee group
#3 tea group
#4 snow group
#5 movie group
Thats all the groups i will make a new post every time that group is starting
and the groups are only on friday!