Friday, July 10, 2009

Music Jam, Reviewed By You!, and New Play

Hey Penguins! Summer Fun is heating up! Check out these fun activities to keep you cool!

Ruby and the Ruby: My favorite play is here! I like it so much I made a video of the cheats and secrets!! I guess I like it because it has so much to do, and I like the mystery theme. (Anyway) There is a secret Ruby pin that you can find. To get it, click the following items in this order: -file cabinet in the office -lamp on the desk in the front -garbage can in the alley -book on desk (next to lamp) -flower vase on the table in the living room - painting on the wall -lock on the safe -Click the Ruby!! Also, there are some cheats in the clothing catalogue! They are: -On the third page, click the door handle to get the Dark Detectives Coat ($650) -On the Back Cover, move the "How Do I Get Coins" Box to get the Noir Background ($60)

Music Jam: They are beginning to set up the music jam! Check out in front of the Light House, and while you're there, play a game of jet pack adventure - earn some money! If you are a member, remember you can get a backstage pass to meet VIPs and buy cool instruments!

Reviewed By You: They have a new reviewed by you! This weeks question is
'How are you and your friends getting ready for Music Jam Party?'
For last weeks question the chosen penguin Limelight12's response to 'What is your favorite thing to do at the Stage?' was:"My favorite thing to do at the Stage is to become part of the cast. I love to look at the scrpit and see which character I want to be, and pick out their costume. It's very fun to act onstage! I can be anything; a fairy, a princess, a detective... it's all there! It's also fun to make new friends in the play with me! Thanks for the update! Waddle on!"


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