Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hey Penguins!

The NEWspaper has arrived! This one has some interesting details in it! It mentions:

-there is a clear winner, and that they are changing the day it will come out to the 7th in the Penguin Style, instead of being announced in this paper!

-PARTY ALERT: There might be a new party on the Horizon! Gary says that the glass windows in the underground need the yearly maintence so they dont crack again. He will need your help from the 14th to the 18th and hinted at a PARTY!!

-This is the last week to write. They made it be the first page featured story, so it must be that they didn't get many writers! Remember you can win 10101 coins, and that it can be on one of the 4 pre-chosen topics. I wrote one for the Wacky Wildlife in the Wilderness. I entered it in English and then using a translator entered it in the other 3 languages (extra chance of winning!).

Also, on the 5th we will be able to choose a new furniture item! (check the 101 days of fun)


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