Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rockhopper; Card Jitzu Updates!

Hey Penguins! I hope you are ready to go green!

Rockhopper: Rockhopper is almost here! He will be arriving TOMOROW and it looks like quite a bounty on board! As you can see from the picture, it seems to be a jungle! What do you think the boat will look like on board? Will you need a machetti to cut your way through to get downstairs? Whatever the answer, it sure looks like some miracle grow has put the ship into full bloom! Look tomorow for a video probabally!!

Jitzu: Ever hate how you NEVER know just HOW close you are to your next belt? Just HOW many times do you have to play to get your next belt!? Club Penguin has the answer! They are updating the cool card game so that you can see your current progress! Also, you will be able to see your cards! That sounds pretty cool! After weeks of being a brown belt (and thinking i HAVE to upgrade THIS time...) I finally became a black belt, so I no longer need the bar, but the cards will be cool!! Also, make sure that you are stock piling any 'ninja' like stuff, as they have been hinting at a June 1 will start a ninja home decorating party! But shh, it's a secret!
Waddle On!
The Penguin Queen


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