Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Greenery as the Scenery, Mission, and more!

Hey Penguins! We hope you are enjoying Rockhopper, as his ship will probabally not be in port for too much longer!

Greenery: The green stuff seems to be growing on Club Penguin - LITERALLY! Take a look around , and it seems like the plants are spreading out! Soon it will be a jungle out there - anyone sense a PARTY on the horizon? or is your view blocked by plants?

Mission: Anyone spot the jackhammer at the beach?? The blank screen in the HQ? Many penguins suspect another mission to be coming! Mission 11 has still not been officially stated as in the making, it has been hinted at! What do you think it could be about? The plants do seem to be spreading out of his ship onto the island, and so far nobody has reported their plants actually growing! I don't know, but that sound fishy! What do you think?

Snow and Sports: They have released a snow and sports sneak peak! The new catalogue will be released on Friday!! From the picture and the recent greenery on the island, I suspect that it will be pretty tropical, with swim gear (hopefully all new stuff) and maybe even some summer safari outfittings!

Until Later, Waddle On! The Penguin Queen


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