Friday, May 8, 2009

Here Ye Here Ye Its the Medieval Party!

Here Ye Penguins! By royal decree we have brought you the inside scoop on this Royal Party!

The Play: Check out this cool and NEW play! Have you noticed the puffle happy and sad are not wearing the viking helmet? Think it was a last minute change? Anyway it looks fun! In the Catalogue, if you get the ghost outfit and the flashlight-wave, you will glow! Also, there is one cheat! It is...

Go to page 2 on the catalogue.
Click the Helmet hanging off the “g” in “VIKING”
The RED Viking helmet will appear!
Then the RED Viking helmet will appear X this off 3 times and then the Blue Viking Helmet will appear!
You will have to click on the Penguins head to receive the Golden Viking Helmet!

Nights Quest: Member Quest!!! There is a cool quest available that is fun and you can win a fabulous outfit by proving yourself! Here is what to do:
-Click on any of the signs around town for 'nights needed', or click the postcard.
-Enter the Dungeon!!
- Your First Task to open the next gate is to light up all of the light "orbs". Basically, step on all of the rectangles next to each light. Watch out for obstacles!
-In the next room, you can get the first free item- the gold shield! Complete the next task by hitting 50 targets! If you just wait for others, you can do it without doing it- their hits count for you too!
-Go through the gate into the first maze room! You can pick up the next free item- the gold helmet! You can break the code to figure out how to finish it.... or you can read on (easier). It is Down Left Down Right Right Up!!!
-Now you are at the End! Congrats! You are in a cool looking room, where you can pick up the last free item- The Gold Armour!

Free Item- There is also a ALL MEMBER free item! It is a repeat - the wizards hat - but it is a favorite!! It is in the lighthouse!

New Pin- In the boiler room, the same as last year, but it is the new Kings Crown Pin!! Click the molten container and watch them make your pin!

Special Catalogue- There is a cool special catalogue-scroll thing with some medieval things in the Gift Shop! No cheats, but it looks cool! Check it out!

Rockhopper Update: If you visit Rockhopper in WDW Florida, look at this cool background you can get!!! Click HERE

Enjoy!! Waddle On!
The Penguin Queen


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