Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Advernture Party, Ninja Contest!

Hey Penguins! Want to know a secret? So secret Club Penguin hasn't announced it yet?? Read below!

Adventure Party: I knew it!! I told you we would have some sort of an adventure party! It will be on June 12 to the 16th! Club Penguin hasn't even announced it yet, but the following ad was on club penguin! I bet that is when the new plants will finally begin to grow - into a Jungle!!

Ninja Contest: There is a ninja home decorating contest! Members only, it will take place June 1 to 13, with winners being announced on the 18th! The winner gets 25,000 coins, and the second place (first place for losers lol) still gets a whopping 15,000! Start decking your place out now with ninja (shh) stuff today!

Waddle On! The Penguin Queen


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