Thursday, May 28, 2009

Card Jitzu Update, Money Tips!

Hey Penguins!
Card Jitzu: The main reason for this post, there are new updates! Now you can see your cards, and how far along on your journey you are! Pretty cool! I am a ninja, as seen below, so it isn't of much use in that way, but it will really help some penguins! You can also see the 10+ cards you have, which is neat because you can actually see what you have!

Money Tips: Just as a sidenote, you might want to take advantage of Rockhopper while he is still here! By playing his special Treasure Hunt game, you can earn alot fast! It is a fast paced, fun game, and when you have a partner who you can keep playing against, you get alot of coins in an instant! Which will be helpful for the penguins participating in the ninja home decorating contest! Also, you can get a special blue gem sometimes that will get you 100 coins each!! Check it out:

Enjoy! Waddle On!
The Penguin Queen


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