Friday, May 1, 2009

New Catalogue, Pay, and more!

There is a new Catalogue out! I think my drawing was pretty accurate!

Where the Cheats Are:
Crystal Staff($250)
Click on the stone set in the wall.
Woodsmans Hat ($200)
Click on the window on the right side.
Blue Dragon Costume ($1000)
Click on the dragon’s shadow behind the stairs.
Black Graduation Cap ($100)
Click on the coffee cup to get it.
Red Viking Helmet ($750)
Click where the spotlights cross.
Blue Viking Helmet ($1400)
Click for red 4 times.
The Spikester ($500)
Click on either letter E in the Coffee Shop sign.
Boa ($300)
Click on the pocket of the purple hoodie.

Think some of that is a bit expensive - have no fear... PAY is here! If you are a secret agent, you get 250 a month, and same for if you are a tour guide! Thats 500 coins a month for me! They are still fixing some bugs, so not everyone has it now, but they are reasurring us it will come!

In other News,

-New pin on the 7th!
-The Medieval Party is starting on the 8th and they have started to set up! Look around town for hints of the party!

That's all for now! Waddle On!
-The Penguin Queen


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