Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Possible Party Theme Arising!

Hey Penguins!
While messing around on Club Penguin, I tried doing a little detective work for the party coming up! In the newspaper, on the upcoming events page I noticed a few clues that may hint at the type of party!The Evidence:
1) Notice the drawing in the background. A hot air balloon. In the air.
2) Notice G is holding a balloon. And a carrot thing. But the balloon. They float. In the air.
3) Notice in the photo in the previous post from earlier. The boat thing. It has wings. So it could fly. In the air.

The Conclusion:
The party theme will most likely be something.... In The AIR! (and dont forget carrots!) We have had underwater parties, music parties, jungle parties, holiday parties - you name it. Everything, except parties. In the air. And with carrots.

I may be right, or I may be wrong! What do you think? Guess we'll find out on the 14th!


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