Friday, August 14, 2009

Club Penguin Parteeh TAKEN OFF!

Well as you can see, CLUB PENGUIN IN THE AIR has taken off for departure!

At the pool, if you look out the windows you are actually moving! Wear your hard helmets so you don't loose balance and bump your head! ;-)
Head to the Plaza for our first cheat of many! A Green Propeler hat awaits you...
Ever wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride?? Well here is your chance and what might be your only chance to view or actually sit on the Tallest Mountain. Will Club Penguin let it be a new room for everyday CP?
We land and I am shocked! :D It must of taken much working for Gary to make that island lifter!!
If you are a member......
Another free item... On top of the Tallest Mountain!! Everyone was going crazy, wondering if we would get a Jet Pack!
...And we did...
Now want to make your own clouds? Push the button to check it out!
I decided to show RH and Puffles because they are my favorite!
Now go to the Lighthouse telescope... (Which is also in the air.)
Pretty clouds! I think this is the best Club Penguin parteeh ever!!

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