Thursday, August 6, 2009

Color Winner Announced, TWO parties!

Hey Penguins!
Color: Color Me AQUA! The new Club Penguin color winner is aqua! I really kind of wanted maroon, but aqua isnt too bad. You can purchase it tomorow in the NEW catalogue!
Festival Of Flight: The Club Penguin fun is sure going up, Literally! G's Party theme has revealed, and I was right! It's a party in the air! G is making Club Penguin float on the clouds so that it won't flood when they fix the windows! Do you think you will be able to play the surf or ice fishing game? G will be monitoring the party from atop the COMING SOON NEW ROOM Tallest Mountain! I bet you will be able to meet him up there! It will be from the 14th to the 28th, and you can use jetpacks, hot air balloons, propeller hats, and the like!
Underwater party: Just days after the FoF ends, the Underwater party begins! It will probabally be fun, just like the previous years! If we are able to go to the Tallest Mountain, I wonder if they will decorate for it!
Wow, what can't Club Penguin do?!

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  1. Millywily said...
    That is a good 20 days! O.O


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