Friday, August 21, 2009

Hey Penguins!

New Play: Hold your breath! There is a new play in Club Penguin! The play follows two divers Daring Daisy and Fearless Fiesel who meet a murmaid named Bubbles and a murman called Flippers on their search for the underwater city! The cover of the catalogue has a murmaid coming up on a rock with the water behind her (cough little murmaid anyone?) and is filled with cool outfits including diving, murpeople, fish, and lobster clothes!Better Igloo Catalogue: Here are the cheats:

We have found that writing text for each catalouge takes a long time, and writing page whatever can be confusing to our readers, depending on how you number the pages. So instead of writing, we have decided to just do the movie catalogue cheats. Comment on how you like it!


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