Friday, August 7, 2009

August 2009 Clothing Catalogue

Hey Penguins! Have you met MillyWilly yet? (: I needed some help keeping up and she's great!

The NEW clothing catalogue has arrived! This one is jam packed with fun!! It has
-Festival of Flight stuff, such as fairy wings, test gliders, and a balloon!!
-New color! I think you can tell a difference when the colors are next to each other, but when you just see a penguin you couldn't say if it is blue or aqua.
-New backgrounds! I am definitly getting the parachuting penguin background!!

The Cheats: There aren't any new cheats in this issue ): but I guess the FoF stuff makes up for it!
Red Viking Helmet: Click on the bar in the middle of the open piano. 3 times and you get the blue helmet!
Crystal Staff: Click on the word penguins in Penguins at Work.
Canteen: Click on the shell in the middle of the beach.
Woodsman’s Hat: Click the Medieval Window on the right.
Blue Dragon Costume: Click on the shadow near the stairs.


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