Thursday, August 6, 2009

Not an Original Greeting

Hey waddlers! Is that not your original greeting? Well, I am not your original poster! (=
My penguin name is Millywily and I am here to help Imaqueen post Club Penguin Cheats|Guides|Glitches! =D
Something to know about me is I just adore funky outfits! Which links to my Club Penguin Cheat blog Funkeeh Penguins! Funkeeh Penguins is fairley new, so it doesn't have much cheats. I am working on some game guides and tutorials.
I love to scavenge for Club Penguin cheats all around the island. I am a techy sorta girl and I love to work with HTML and CSS.
There is something to know about me!! I'll be posting shortly! =) I guess my first cheat will be tonight, coz I will try and get the new catalog cheats for August.
Comment on what you voted for! I wanted maroon but aqua won... All well, there will be other times! =)


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