Friday, June 5, 2009

Pin, Catalogue, GRASS is growing!

Hey Penguins! We made a mini movie so you know what is happening this week!

Pin: The new pin is the SAFARI PIN! it's so cute! Go to the book room (see first day of the 101) to get it!

Catalogue: The new Catalogue is here!
On the second bach page, click the rock on the bottom left!
Crystal Staff
Click the different colored brick in the wall! (left side)
Woodsman’s Hat
Click the tall window! (right side of page)
Blue Dragon Costume
Click the shadow of the dragon next to the staircase!
Black Graduation Cap
Click the Coffee Cup on the table!
Red Viking Helmet
Click where the spotlights cross on the second clearance page to get it, the third time you will ge tthe BLUE viking helmet!

Grass: Grass is beginning to sprout, signifing the upcoming party! The party starts on the day i get out for summer! When do you get out (or are you lucky and already have?)

Make sure you keep up with the 101 days!!
Waddle On! The Penguin Queen


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