Friday, June 12, 2009

PARTY, play, and 101 days of fun week 2!

Hey Penguins! I hope you have some popcorn, we have 2 movies today - the party and 101 days of fun!

Party: Wow! The party is fun! I hope you have already watched the brief film, but here is the overview:
-Free Items: Grab a hat in the Plaza and start your safari, and if you're a member, find a feathered friend in the treetops above the forest!
-Adventure Hunt: Go on an adventure hunt! We hope you have found:
Discovery One
Go to the underground pool/cave and click the gray fish that swims by.
Discovery Two
Go to the Cove and look for the flower vine next to the Surf Shack
Discovery Three
Go to the Dock and click on the turtle to the right of the dock.
Discovery Four
Go to the Snow Forts and click on the bush on the top left with flower bulbs.
Discovery Five
Go to the Berg and click the spout of water coming up in the top left.
Discovery Six
Go to the Plaza and click the flower vine hanging on the top right of Pizza Shop.
Discovery Seven
Go to the Beach and click the bubbles (ew) for a jellyfish to pop up (phew!)
Discovery Eight
Go to the Forest and click the largest flower right in the middle to finish!
Claim Your Prize
You win an Adventure Party Background!!

Play: There is the Award Winning Fairy Fables play out right now! You can read the actual (twisted) fairy tale! Also, there is one hidden item cheat: On the second page with Twee, click the middle of the boombox for her silver wand(150 coins)!

Also, there is the new week of 101 days of fun out! Make sure you do them all!

Go and enjoy the ADVENTURE PARTY!
Waddle On!! The Penguin Queen

p.s. SCHOOLS OUT! (well for me atleast) Are you out yet?


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