Thursday, June 18, 2009

Music Jam on It's Way, Member Special!

Hey Penguins! It's still June, but Club Penguin is already planning July!

Membership: Nowadays, anything fun on Club Penguin seems to be members only. But you don't want to have to waste money paying during the jam packed school months when you have little time to play. What do you do? Get the special Summer Special! The 3 month deal is only $14.95, so you save $2.90 from just paying the monthly membership! (Then you can spend that money on a popsicle at the beach!) It's limited time only, so hurry to get it now, before July 15!

Music Jam: There is more than just one reason to get the special Summer membership. Thats right! The Summer Music Jam is back, and if you are a member, this means you can try to meet guest stars, like Candace! There will be new DJ3K tracks to play, too, probabally from Candace's new 'releases'! Also, it seems like there will be more new clothes and stuff to personalize your penguin! Remeber last year's Music Jam - members could go backstage and get instruments, like a tuba or guitar!

I can't wait!


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