Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Furniture Update, Soccer, Box Dimention!

Hey Penguins!
Better Igloos:On Friday the new Better Igloos Catalogue comes out! It seems like there will be alot of summer fun! Billybob said that you won't miss the Adventure party, and included a photo of a palm. What do you think that means? I bet there will be alot of greenery, and maybe Rockhoppers plants will grow!

That would be cool!

Soccer: Score! As the summer heats up, so do sports! The Ice Rink has changed to the soccer pitch for it's round of summer sports! Get a red, green, blue, or yellow(goalie) jersey and some friends and start playing! If you have a soccer ball, dance and you will "juggle" the soccer ball!

Box Dimension: If you got a transporting box during the april fools day party, you cna visit the magical Box Dimension Room! If it in your igloo, or one you visit, you can enter it! It seems like it is used as a dumping area of club penguin, kind of where they store stuff from parties past until they are used again. Right now, plants are covering the Box Dimension! Check it out:

Wow! Thats alot going on inaddition to the party! Remember, the winners of the Dojo igloo contest comes out tomorow!


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