Friday, July 17, 2009

Music Jam!

Hey Penguins! ARE YOU READY TO ROCKK? The Music Jam is here! Check out all the cool stuff!

Free Stuff: There is a NEW free item you can get! At the cove, make sure you pick up a pair of rocking green earphones! Also, if you are a member and you have a backstage pass visit the roof of the night club to get the (old) boombox!

Backstage Pass and Backstages: If you are a member, make sure you buy a Backstage All Access pass at the Snowforts! You are not able to use last years VIP one (wear it if you have it and act famous though!) and if you can DEFINITLY get one! You can enter the backstage lounges for Candace (3rd floor Night Club) and the Penguin Band (Dock) and have a chance to meet them and get a background!

Shopping: At the Snow Forts, there is a Shirts Rock stand, where you can buy any of 6 different tee shirts for 250 coins each, and a backstage pass here too! At the Penguin Band backstage area at the Dock, you can buy an assortment of things! Sunburst, Blue Bass, Double Necked, and Black Electric Guitars are all the rage, along with cowbells, drums (and sticks!), trombone, and Tubas!
***Catalogue Cheats: The Penguin Band Catalogue has two cheats. Click the I in musIc to buy Drums and Sticks, and click the O in Catalog for the Black Electric Guitar!

Cool Rooms: Check out the cool stage in the lighthouse! It is going to change throughout the week, so make sure you check back! If you are a member with a pass, check out both of the Backstage areas! Also, there is a new room off of the Snow Forts. It has the Music Maker 3000!
Enjoy The Party!!


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