Thursday, April 23, 2009

Penguins Getting Paid, Sled Racing

Here Ye, Here Ye! From May 8th to the 17th, club penguin will be hosting its Medieval Party! It will be bringing back the century old memories (as well as ones from last year) and some cool new stuff! Get ready for a royal treat, and watch out for dragons if you are mine racing!
Are You a Tour Guide, opening up the world to new penguins? Or a Secret Agent, risking it all to protect the good of the town from evil polar bear forces? You do alot for Club Penguin's community, and now you will be rewarded! A monthly pay will be rewarded soon!
Sled Racing will never be more fun! Starting tomorow, the sled racing game will get pretty ticked out! A new tobaggan available for sale and some cool music to listen to as you fly down towards the finish will be a fun update for one of the oldest and least changed games!
Until Later, Waddle On!!


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