Saturday, April 25, 2009

New songs and New Tobaggan!

Hey penguins! I hope you are enjoying the new updates!

The New Tobaggan has come out! It is plain wood, and I think there may be more in the future! It is 300 coins, and for MEMBERS only. Sorry N-M penguins!
Also Dance Contest has release 3 new songs to dance to!

They are:

-Patrick’s Jig
-Go West
-Let’s Bounce

They are cool, but not much new. This is also MEMBERS only, sorry N-Ms again! I am not really a fan of this game, mostly because I am not too good, but I do like the new music! (:

There have also updated the igloo music!! Finally something for you N-Ms too! They have Noir Noises (noir is french for black), Egyptian wrap, For Great Justice (this used to be called something else, i forget what tho), Twice Apon A Time (from play), and Pterodactyl Ptune (cool name.)!

Enjoy! Waddle On!


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