Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hey Penguins!
Ok so here is how the groups work i will make a video and post it on you tube and on this blog
and it will be saying what the group is and what time it is and by the way its alway penguin standard time. what you do in the group is you just chat or what ever you want if you leave my igloo you will not be able to comeback in so don't leave. And only 15 penguins can come in my igloo not including friends! The groups will last about 30 minutes and if no one comes then the group will be canceled and the groups are only on friday and they will be right after each other and all off the groups have a different them i will post the group names on thursday the 24th.

check out the picture from last years groups!
(note:the groups are in my igloo this year!


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